[lug] keyboard shortcut for switching gnome workspaces

Andrew Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Tue Mar 11 14:05:05 MST 2003

On 11 Mar 2003, The Matt wrote:
> Well, the way I do it may not be the quickest, but Ctrl+Alt+left and
> right arrow keys work for me.
> It pops up a little graphic that goes around the workspaces.  I'm not
> sure if there is a shortcut that goes immediately to a workspace (e.g.,
> Ctrl+Alt+1 doesn't, this does a bulleted list in Evolution).

That works.  If I have my rdesktop window active, rdesktop grabs the keys,
but that's to be expected.  Thanks, this has been driving me nuts.
Keystrokes _good_!


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