[lug] Next quickie: ical with evolution 1.2.1

Andrew Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Tue Mar 11 14:17:02 MST 2003

Buoyed by my recent success with keyboard shortcuts, I'll throw out
another question.  I'm trying out the calendaring in evolution.  I make
the meeting for me, or for me and also send it to an external email
address as a vcalendar.  Then if I right click the calendar entry, there
is a "Forward as iCalendar..." option.  

However, when I try this, it always seems to send a vcalendar instead of
an icalendar.  What's odd is as I look at the message before I send it,
the body says it's not a text message, so I can't see it.

Any ideas on this one?

Andrew Diederich

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