[lug] Boulder Linux Users Group Meeting - March 13, please note room and time change

Chris Riddoch Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 11 19:39:39 MST 2003

Please note the temporary (*sigh*) room and time change!

                  Linux User's Group Meeting

*Where:*  University of Colorado Boulder Campus
          Fleming Law - Room 157, in the same hallway as the courtroom

          Because of the temporary change in meeting time, I invite
          anyone interested to join us for a BLUG Picnic beforehand at
          Martin Park, at the northeast of the intersection at Table
          Mesa and Broadway, weather permitting.  You may find parking
          easiest at the shopping center nearby.  Please, no alcohol, as
          it's a city park.

Map:      http://www.colorado.edu/directories/webmap/
          We'll be in building 28 - the bottom right corner of the map.
          See below for driving directions

*Time:*   8:00 P.M.  (Our meetings are normally at 7:00 P.M.)

Date:     Thursday, March 13, 2002

Main Speaker: Sean Reifschneider

Presentation: User-Mode Linux -- Your Own Personal Mainframe

Abstract: User-mode Linux is a port of the Linux kernel to run on an
          existing system.  The product of the kernel build is an ELF
          executable which you can run as a normal user to boot the
          new kernel.  Disc, network, and console devices are emulated
          -- and from the outside you can send "Control-Alt-Delete"
          and "Reset" signals.

          This was initially meant to make it easier to develop
          non-hardware parts of the kernel.  Attaching a debugger to
          the kernel is easy...  Imagine being able to simulate a
          cluster of machines on a single computer, and that disc
          corruption can be recovered from by simply deleting a file
          that lists the changes from a baseline file-system image...

          User-mode Linux provides all this and more.  Sean
          Reifschneider of tummy.com, ltd. will discuss and
          demonstrate user-mode Linux and it's features and benefits.

Driving directions (from Martin Park):
         * Go north on Broadway.
         * Turn right on Regent Drive.
         * Take the first right that is not a parking lot. This is
           before you get to the pedestrian crosswalk and the
         * Go straight until you get to the parking lot. Parking is
           free after 5:00.  Tennis courts will be to the northeast.
           You'll be very close to the intersection of Baseline and
         * The building will be directly to the north
         * Look for the penguin signs

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