[lug] [OT] (X)emacs mode for xslt?

Scott Herod herod at dimensional.com
Wed Mar 12 10:00:12 MST 2003

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003, D. Stimits wrote:

> Scott Herod wrote:
> Sorry, I don't use emacs (but I'm a nice guy anyway). I've been looking
> for XSLT tools lately though, and found xsltproc so far to be the best
> available, with too many problems using apache and other tools. I am
> just curious if you have any experience with xsltproc? I'm finding that
> throwing together an xhtml doc from it isn't as easy as it looks at
> first (the goal being a different stylesheet for different browsers and
> different javascript support...write the page once, get XSLT to
> transform it based on browser).
> D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi DOT com

I'm actually using both the Java and C++ version of Xalan to do the
transformations.  While I am doing some webpage generation with xslt, I'm
having the most fun with it for C++ and Java source code generation.
(The project that I'm working on uses XML for IPC messages as well as
internally for data structures.)

I've not checked xsltproc (either the CLI version that Ralf mentioned or
the xemacs mode since that says it is not an editor).  To by honest, I
find the Java version of Xalan nice to run for my testing but editing the
xslt files is so painful in xml-mode that I usually just use vim.


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