[lug] some general questions

Chan Kar Heng karheng at softhome.net
Wed Mar 12 12:20:14 MST 2003

thanks Andrew and Ralf for the feedback on USB and other
devices..  :)

>> would like to know if anyone has seen anything like a java applet
>> or a microsoft COM object embedded on a web page allowing
>> access to a remote X server?
>Well, if i recall correctly, there's a java version
>of VNC, so this might be the easiest way to run a remote

hmm.. okay.. will check this out again.. i thought i came across
it but the features weren't really obvious...

>> for example, perhaps i could use a URL like:
>> ssh://www.remotexapps.com/openoffice/
>> .. and the remotexapps server would start openoffice and have
>> it running at remotexapps server while openoffice displays
>> openoffice user interface on my local browser...
>... but with all documents on the remote machine, i assume?

yep! web based applications... :)

>> USB light,
>no kernel support needed, they just drain your power ;-)

actually, the light thing really seems useless..
one has probably got enough light from the display
(lcd or monitor)

>> USB mobile phone chargers,
>same as above. What a stupid idea, IMHO. The last thing i want
>is even _less_ power left for my laptop.

it's probably more suited for desktops.. :)



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