[lug] Software for Servers

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Thu Mar 13 13:37:47 MST 2003

Richard Heintze writes:
> My client (same one as mentioned in the previous post)
> is partial to perl.

Me, too. :)

> He needs declarative role based authorization and
> authentication for his web site -- and maybe fault
> tolerance too depending on the price of the hardware
> for a linux server.

We provide bOP as an example of how to do this in Perl.  You can visit
petshop.bivio.biz to see it live with source, and bivio.com to see it
live w/o source.  There's a few other sites using it, too.

We not only do the role based security declaratively, but views,
models, and controller are declarative (unlike J2EE :).

> JBoss is cheap and open source with these features. 

The bivio OLTP Platform is free and open source. :)
See http://www.bivio.biz/hm/download-bOP and
http://www.bivio.biz/hm/why-bOP for why you might want to use it.

> What other free software is there that supports
> declarative role based athentication and authorization
> with failover?

The failover is handled by apache and a variety of mod_*.  We use a
simple system based on mod_proxy and named tricks, but you could use
fancy hardware and such.


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