[lug] Will I be the only one there...

Chris Riddoch Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
Thu Mar 13 16:56:49 MST 2003

"D. Stimits" <stimits at attbi.com> writes:
> > Will there be some sort of charcoal/cooking setup, or would I need
> > pre-cooked food? Incidentally, how many people are going to the park
> > first, and at what time?
> Nobody answered yet, so does this mean that if I show up at the park,
> I'll be the only one there from BLUG?

No, I've just been rather busy. Had a midterm today. I'll be there.

I believe there's a charcoal setup, but I won't be bringing charcoal.
I don't know who we need to ask to get permission to use it, if in
fact we need to ask someone.

Either way, see you there.

Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
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