[lug] High Availability and Load Balancing Linux?

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Sun Mar 16 21:14:48 MST 2003

Richard Heintze said:
> Does Linux support failover on Dual ported RAID?
> Does Linux support load balancing with two nodes
> connected to a dual ported RAID? I believe it needs a
> distributed lock manager to do this. Does it have one?

First, please see http://hutnick.com/writings/goodsubject.html.  Replying
to a digest is super un-helpful.

To generally answer your questions:

Hardware RAID is only dependent on the OS in terms of drivers.  If there
is a driver all of the RAID controller's features should work as expected.

Linux includes a complete set of software RAID features.  See

There are some HA and load balancing packages.  See
for HA and load balancing info.

You might notice that it is very easy to find this sort of info by typing
a few key words into google.  As another example, I found the above LDP
link to the Software RAID HOWTO here

Good Luck,


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