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ljp ljp at llornkcor.com
Mon Apr 7 22:06:34 MDT 2003

Hi Robert!
I've been on the BLUG list for.. hmm.. a few years now, only been to a few 
meetings, and used to live in Boulder for some years a few times...

I remember Boulder when there wasn't a parking problem... and IBM was in the 
middle of nowhere. :)

I have gentoo, mandrake, redhat, openzaurus.. oh, and demudi debian 

good luck!


On Monday April 7 2003 06:58 pm, Robert P. Belshoff wrote:
> I am new the the  list and to Linux. I am Robert Belshoff. I have Red
> Hat up and running here and hope to get to the meeting on the 10th of
> April. Just wanted to say Hello. Hope to learn and meet some folk. I am
> new to Boulder since July 02.
> RB

My cat's a debugger....

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