[lug] Gimp CMYK

jd lug at taproot.bz
Tue Apr 8 12:01:16 MDT 2003

> I leave "dot for dot" enabled all the time.  I'm not exactly sure what
> it's used for, but I've never had a need to change it.  When I open an
> existing image I check it's DPI (see the Image->Scale menu option) and
> rescale it according to my own needs.  Then I start working on it.
> > and some others.... maybe ill see you on the GIMP board.
> I lurk, but don't say much.  It's my way.  :-)

I spoke to the people at the print house. He is telling me
that any text in my picture will look bad because it will not be saved
in vector format. So with this and the whole CMYK issue... i regret to
say Im looking at using photoslop and quark.  I guess photoslop 6 and
above will safe text in vector format but they suggest just using

Thanks for the help,

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