[lug] SpamAssassin Configuration

Shannon Johnston sjohnston at cavion.com
Wed Apr 9 14:30:06 MDT 2003

Thanks for the reply.
I'm handling the spam on the server. 
I've got SA processing all the messages and adding headers. However, I
would like the tagged spam to go to a separate account before it gets to
my client.

Any ideas?


On Wed, 2003-04-09 at 13:35, Jeff Schroeder wrote:
> Shannon wrote:
> > I've got it up and running on my system and it's catching all my
> > spam, but now it's spamming me with messages that "This might be
> > spam". I would like to delete the messages or at least re-direct them
> > into another mailbox.
> It's not clear from your message if you're trying to handle the spam on 
> the server end or the client; obviously it can be done either way.
> Basically, you need to process each incoming message through the 
> SpamAssassin program, which will add the appropriate headers and/or 
> subject line and/or message content to the e-mail.  All of this is 
> configurable in the file you mentioned; I personally just add header 
> information and leave the subject/body alone.  More on this in a 
> moment.
> I do all my spam-handling on the client, because there's always a danger 
> that you'll get a false positive and miss something meaningful (like 
> friends typing FREE MONEY somewhere in their message... heh).  In my 
> mail program, I have a filter that searches messages for "X-Spam-Flag: 
> Yes", which is what SpamAssassin will write if it thinks the message is 
> spam.  The filter simply directs the message into my Spam folder, 
> although it could just as easily delete it.  Then I can quickly page 
> through my collected spam for the day and see if anything has been 
> wrongly accused.
> I mentioned "processing each incoming message", and that can be done 
> either server-side or client-side.  To do it on a server running qmail, 
> you'll need to compile qmail with the QMAILQUEUE patch and pipe all 
> incoming messages through SpamAssassin.  To do it on the client, you'll 
> need a mail program that's capable of sending incoming mail through a 
> program.  I use KMail (plug: KMail is awesome) and created a filter 
> whose action is "pipe through /usr/local/bin/spamc", which runs 
> SpamAssassin and inserts the appropriate markers in the message.  Then 
> a second filter does what I described above: check for the 
> X-Spam-Status flag and do something about it.
> All in all, I've been very impressed with SpamAssassin.  It seems to 
> catch almost everything, although (as you've discovered) configuring it 
> can be tricky.  As with much open-source software, there are quite a 
> few different ways to do it-- all depending on your setup and your 
> personal preferences.
> HTH,
> Jeff
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