[lug] (Bayesian?) Spam Filtering Webmail

Kristopher Applegate kapplegate-lug at buffalope.com
Thu Apr 10 08:27:10 MDT 2003

All my email for my domain (http://www.Buffalope.com) is hosted on a
phpwebhosting.com webserver. I setup OpenWebmail (http://www.openwebmail.org)
to allow myself and my family/friends to check their email(POP3 no IMAP)
online. Over time, I have been seeing the inevitable increase in the amount of
spam that I receive. Openwebmail only offers standard/REGEX filters to allow
me to sort email. What I would really like would be a solution that allows me
to use some sort of Bayesian class filtering in conjunction with webmail. I
have used Mozilla's mail and I really like the Bayesian filter implementation
they use, nice and simple. I have read about POPfile but find that it is a
solution that won't work for me as it requires I run it on a machine as a mail
proxy. Any sort of efficient SPAM filtering/webmail solutions that you can
point me in the direction of would be great. Ideally a solution that would
augment Openwebmail would be great. However, I am not dead set on keeping
Openwebmail. Whatever webmail I do use must support POP3 as there is no IMAP
service for phpwebhosting. I look forward the receiving any recommendations.
Thank you for your time.

Kristopher Applegate

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