[lug] Converting MS-Access to text/MySQL

Jeff Schroeder jeff at neobox.net
Thu Apr 10 11:09:40 MDT 2003

I have a Microsoft Access database which I need to convert to MySQL.  In 
the past I've exported the Access data into a tab-delimited text file, 
then parsed the file to run SQL statements and insert the data in a 
MySQL database.

However, it's impractical for me to manually export the data from Access 
(for volume reasons).  I'd love to find a program that can read a raw 
.MDB file and convert it-- preferably to tab-delimited text, or else 
import directly to MySQL.  This needs to be scripted (via cron, 
probably) so I can automatically parse and import the Access data.

I've searched Google, the newsgroups, and SourceForge but haven't found 
anything.  Surely someone else has this same problem-- I can't believe 
the only answer is to do a manual export every time.

Any suggestions or pointers?


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