[lug] Converting MS-Access to text/MySQL

Richard Fifarek rfifarek at silug.org
Thu Apr 10 11:18:06 MDT 2003

	Not sure this would work, but there is an ODBC driver for MySQL 
that can be installed into MS Access.  Perhaps that would allow you to do 
some export/copy function.

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

> I have a Microsoft Access database which I need to convert to MySQL.  In 
> the past I've exported the Access data into a tab-delimited text file, 
> then parsed the file to run SQL statements and insert the data in a 
> MySQL database.
> However, it's impractical for me to manually export the data from Access 
> (for volume reasons).  I'd love to find a program that can read a raw 
> .MDB file and convert it-- preferably to tab-delimited text, or else 
> import directly to MySQL.  This needs to be scripted (via cron, 
> probably) so I can automatically parse and import the Access data.
> I've searched Google, the newsgroups, and SourceForge but haven't found 
> anything.  Surely someone else has this same problem-- I can't believe 
> the only answer is to do a manual export every time.
> Any suggestions or pointers?
> TIA,
> Jeff
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