[lug] Mozilla Mail Questions

Warren Sanders sanders at montanalinux.org
Thu Apr 10 11:45:47 MDT 2003

George Sexton wrote:

> I guess another question with Mozilla and IMAP is this:
> The options for deleting seem to be:
> 1) Move to trash
> 2) mark As deleted.
> If you move to trash, the message is moved to the trash folder, and 
> the IMAP folder is immediately compacted. This has to create a lot of 
> overhead on the server if your folders have any size.
> If you  mark as deleted, there doesn't seem to be any way to create a 
> folder view that hides deleted messages. You end up having to compact 
> folders all of the time.
> Is there a way to create a view that hides deleted messages so folder 
> only have to be compacted occasionally? 

In the same settings panel, you can find Server Settings and check for 
"Clean up ("Expunge"> Inbox on Exit.  This is not set by default I 
believe, but only creates the overhead at the end of you session.  I 
never have experienced the immediate overhead after deleting before 
setting this, so my belief is that it never has done immediate expunge.

Warren Sanders

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