[lug] Mozilla Mail Questions

Warren Sanders sanders at montanalinux.org
Thu Apr 10 12:00:08 MDT 2003

Warren Sanders wrote:

> In the same settings panel, you can find Server Settings and check for 
> "Clean up ("Expunge"> Inbox on Exit.  This is not set by default I 
> believe, but only creates the overhead at the end of you session.  I 
> never have experienced the immediate overhead after deleting before 
> setting this, so my belief is that it never has done immediate expunge.
In addition to my own reply, setting it for "Mark it as deleted" may not 
be what you want.  Try having it move to Trash, then set both check 
boxes below that to expunge and empty the trash on Exit.

I think if you had it set to "Remove it immediately" there may possibly 
have been some overhead.  But still I don't think it compressed the 
folder every time.

Warren Sanders

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