[lug] Re: web hosting/ domain reg recommendations

Steve Sullivan sullivan at mathcom.com
Thu Apr 10 15:50:26 MDT 2003

This was discussed a couple of months ago.
Here's a summary of colos and ISPs worth looking into ...

For a good ISP savvy in Linux, check out www.aoindustries.com.

Two you might investigate are:
Both are (I think) Boulder based.

I don't know if www.indra.com does colo, but as an ISP their service
and tech support are excellent.  Worth asking.

	earthnet.net (Boulder)
	chisp.net    (Denver)

If you like cool control panels for your hosting, another good dedicated
I use is http://sgs.appieshost.net
I also have a few server instances at http://www.johncompanies.com/
These guys have a good price for Open Source Software contributors.

tummy.com offers only managed hosting for a number of reasons, but there

Check out http://www.venturesonline.com.

Net Infrastructure, www.netinfra.com.


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