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Fri Apr 11 02:40:43 MDT 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 02:58:48PM -0600, Ed Hill wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thanks for the comments about the state of vector tools on Linux.
> Just out of curiosity, have any of you folks tried TGIF
>   http://bourbon.cs.umd.edu:8001/tgif/index.html
>   (web site down at the moment--but available in Google cache)
> for vector drawings?  I realize that its for vector-object-based
> drawings, not actual images.  But it is a great way to create vector
> drawings for simple tech manuals, fliers, etc.  And it very gracefully
> outputs to vector-based (resolution-independent) PS/EPS formats for
> inclusion in, for example, LaTeX.
> Ed

Thanks for that link. So far i've been _very_ happy with SodiPodi.
One of the very nice features of it that i really appreciate is the 
fact that it preserves as much as possible the "original" XML when
you edit a file. So it's possible to put RDF information into an SVG
(by means of a script), edit the graphic in Sodipidi and still find the
metadata in the XML file.
As for DIA: since DIA saves it's files in an XML dialect it should be
pretty easy to convert to SVG (one probably just needs a good XSLT
stylefile). I never had the need for such a conversion but i did write
some code that emits DIA/SVG graphics (that's one of the nice things
about text based graphic formats).

 Ralf Mattes

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