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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Fri Apr 11 07:47:02 MDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 01:34, Chris Riddoch wrote:
> What's frustrating about the whole situation is that I rarely need a
> vector graphics tool, and when I do, it's for something obscenely
> simple.  The hours spent trying to find *some* tool that can do what I
> need isn't enough for me to justify the time I'd need to track down
> and contribute a bugfix to whatever promising vector tool needs it.

If it is obscenely simple, chances are good you can do it in GIMP (I
wrote an Arrow generating plug-in, BTW).  For anything up to 11x17 that
doesn't have 40 layers in it, GIMP is probably just fine.  For the
poster art that I would do, I'd have many, many layers.  A single layer
(full sized) for a 16x20 poster at 300 DPI would be 4800x6000 pixels. 
Multiply that by the number of layers (even if they aren't all full
sized) and the number of undo levels and you start seriously taxing the
machine after a short time.

One trick for simple posters is to work on them at half size at the
correct resolution and then double the image size when you're done
(after flattening the image).  Doubling up like that can distort the
image, but for simple posters of text and some arrows, the distortions
will be minimal for a single doubling of size.
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