[lug] Blogging Software?

Scotty Allen scotty at scottyallen.com
Fri Apr 11 17:35:59 MDT 2003

> Does anyone have any perl based blogging recommendations?
> I'd like to do some kind of perl+mysql+apache combo. Just
> getting into it and thought I'd see if anyone has been
> down this road before. Thanks.

I use Moveable Type (moveabletype.org), which meets this criteria.  It's
very easy to setup, is very feature rich, and has a very broad user base.
The main problem I see with it is that it's only free for non-commerical
uses.  Otherwise I think it's something lik $150 a go.  And it has all the
problems that are associated with such a framework (relatively closed dev
team, etc).  But overall, I'm very happy with it for my personal site.


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