[lug] My slot 1 upgrade

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 11 20:09:43 MDT 2003

Thought I would toss this out since I got the suggestion from the 
group.  A few weeks ago I posted here looking for a faster slot 1 CPU.  
It was suggested here to look at a slocket and 370 pin chip instead.  I 
did some newsgroup research and ended up purchasing a Slot-T adapter 
and a retail Celeron 1.4.  I installed it last night, and while my PC 
booted up, the CPU was listed as a PII 1200.  At the suggestion of the 
vendor that sold me the Slot-T, I ran Sandra which has a CPU analysis 
tool.  I just did that and it reported that my CPU is a Celeron 1.4 
running at 1.4 GHz.  Not a bad deal.  I went from a PII 400 to a PIII 
Celeron 1.4 for ~$90.00 including shipping.  Here is the link for the 
Slot-T if anyone is interested.


BTW, to the best of my knowledge there are only two adapters that will 
let you put in a Tulatain core CPU.  One is the Slot-T I used and the 
other is from Powerleap.  I guess the Powerleap model is considered 
very good, but it is also ~$100.


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