[lug] tcpdump syntax

Scotty Allen scotty at scottyallen.com
Fri Apr 11 22:24:05 MDT 2003

> Now according to the tcpdump man page, the final argument to tcpdump can
> be an expression. I can get the expression to filter with tcp as shown
> above, but the syntax of anything other than this is failing, giving me
> a "tcpdump: parse error". I am not interested in the direction of
> movment, I am interested in all tcp going to or from address (sample)
> How would I extend this to limit it to only tcp:
>    tcpdump -n -vv -X -s 0 'host'

I tend to be perpetually frustrated with tcpdump.  About half the things I
try seem to be totally kosher according to the man page, only to have
tcpdump spit back a parse error.  I did come up with the following though,
which seems to work for what you want:

sudo tcpdump -n -vv -X -s 0 host and tcp

If you're spending a lot of time packet sniffing, you might want to look
into using ethereal (either as a command line utility, or a graphical

Good luck,


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