[lug] Relocating Users Web Page Directories

John E. Koontz koontz at boulder.nist.gov
Mon Apr 21 09:55:21 MDT 2003

At 08:23 AM 4/21/2003 -0600, you wrote:
> > What would
> > be the best course of action and what documentation would explain
> > the steps to make the configurations?  As it is, the users home
> > directories are purposely configured to block any outside users into
> > their accounts?
>I find that using simple file/directory permissions I can protect the
>users' home directories while allowing web access.  ...
>IMHO this is superior to symlinking everything because it's more
>straightforward and easier to maintain.

A more complex structure might be arise if the web server and the user file 
server are different systems.  You might want $USER/public_html to reside 
on the web server, whereas the rest of $USER would be on the file server.
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