[lug] Polling a file under linux

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Apr 21 13:54:14 MDT 2003

Michael D. Hirsch wrote:

>You might want to check out FAM.  It is a library that does exactly that.  
>The blurb says:
>    FAM helps make GUI tools more usable by notifying them when the files
>    they're interested in are created, modified, executed, and removed. 
>but it works for any system interested in a file.
FAM does everything you say... and as a free bonus it will bring a 
network to its knees should some of those files be mounted via NFS.  At 
least that was my experience with just a few SGI workstations on a 
10baseT network a few years back.  Nothing like shipping an OS with its 
own DDoS tool build right in, and running by default. ;-)


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