[lug] Wanted: scripting help with UNIX by the hour

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Thu Apr 24 13:27:39 MDT 2003

Well, you must know the name of the file that's being retrieved, or the name
of the host so I would start with something like:

find / -type f -exec grep -Hie "string" "{}" \;

and see what pops out.

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I have a small local client that has a mixture of SCO
Unix and windows nodes for whom I work several days a

I can handle his web site and his C/C++/perl/database
programming needs but sometimes I'm a little week on
subtleties of korn v csh v bourne and unix utilities
like cron.

Is there anyone I can hire by the hour to answer my
questions? I basically need someone to back me up when
I get in over my head.

For example, here is the first question: We have web
site running Windows/IIS that receives uploads from
clients. Somewhere, there is a program running on a
SCO Unix node (probably a bourne shell script) that
detects the presence of the newly uploaded file on the
Windows NT machine and initiates various actions. It
could be polling once every 30 seconds. How else could
this shell script be detecting the presence of this
file on a windows machine? Where can I find this shell
script on the unix machine?

         Siegfried 303 884 8274

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