[lug] minor boot message question

Nick Golder purenrg at hiveportal.net
Fri Apr 25 10:26:07 MDT 2003

On 03-04-25 10:13 -0600, the infamous Elyse Grasso uttered:
> When the ethernet card is installed in my laptop's pccard slot, it is 
> seen as eth0. 
> When the wireless card is installed it is seen as eth1. 
> On boot, I get messages about failures bringing up whichever one is not 
> installed. This seems ... inelegant.
> Is there a good place to tweak under /etc so that it will only try to 
> bring up the interface whose hardware is present? Complaining if both 
> are missing would be neat, but not necessary.

Which distro are you using (ie. Red Hat, Debian, Gentoo...)?  Each one
handles bringing up the cards a little differently.

-Nick Golder

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