[lug] RAID boot problems

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 25 11:29:13 MDT 2003

I just converted a RedHat 8 server to have a mirrored root filesystem, per 
these instructions:


I specified the initrd image created by 'mkinitrd --with raid1 [image] 
[kernel]' in the boot-loader options.

Now, during boot, I get a kernel panic when it has problems reading the EXT3 
superblock for the root filesystem, which lives on /dev/md2.  md2 is a raid1 
comprised of /dev/sdc3 and /dev/sdd3, and both partitions are set as type 
'fd'.  The system does report loading the raid1 driver earlier on in the boot 

Here's another bit of info.  I can boot from the install cd as 'linux rescue', 
and all my filesystems are correctly mounted, including root, under 
/mnt/sysimage.  Am I not loading a module that needs loading during boot?  I 
have no problems running fsck on an unmounted /dev/md3 in rescue mode, so 
it's not a filesystem corruption problem.

I'd include raidtab and other files, but they're a little difficult to get to 
right now.


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