[lug] RAID boot problems - SOLVED

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Fri Apr 25 13:16:14 MDT 2003

On Friday 25 April 2003 11:37 am, John Hernandez wrote:
> On Friday 25 April 2003 11:24 am, Case Jones wrote:
> > Since it's your root filesystem, I'm betting that you need to compile
> > into your kernel the modules that show up when you do 'lsmod' on the
> > rescue CD that can read the filesystem.
> Case, I was under the impression that these modules were loaded by the
> initial ramdisk I created using 'mkinitrd'.  Do I still need to include the
> modules in the kernel?

I learned that the md drivers do not automatically start raid volumes when 
loaded as kernel modules.  In order to get the root filesystem mounted, I had 
to put the userland tool /sbin/raidstart (along with a couple libraries and 
the md2 device file) into initrd, then add 'raidstart /dev/md2' in the 
linuxrc script.


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