[lug] mainstream online media on the next linux kernel (and other stuff)

bill ehlert ehlert_b at yahoo.com
Tue May 6 05:37:09 MDT 2003

"The Linux 2.6 production kernel promises to be
the most advanced open-source platform developed
to date, according to computer scientists who
have been putting the 2.5 development kernel
through its paces."

    the rest:


and just for the heckkuvit, lemme throw in:

"What Microsoft people really mean when they talk
about security is security for Microsoft from
you. NGSCB's main purpose is to make sure users
such as yourself aren't pirating Microsoft's or
partners' software or any other copyrighted
content—even if that means taking over your
system remotely and removing or disabling the
offending untrusted software."

    the rest:


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