[lug] ntp problem..

Nick Golder purenrg at hiveportal.net
Tue May 6 13:47:24 MDT 2003

On 03-05-06 12:35 -0600, the infamous Joseph P. Crotty uttered:
> So, you guys are saying to change to MDT.  OK.  But, why the heck doesn't
> OpenBSD supply a one size fits all time zone.  What your telling me is I have to
> manually reset the time from MST to MDT and vice versa twice a year?
> I find it hard to believe an OS was that poorly built.

And I don't think it was poorly built.  My OpenBSD 3.3 machines rolled
over just fine.  As for your specific situation, I am not sure.  You
probably picked MST instead of MST7MDT when choosing a TZ.  Here is how
to tell:
$ ls -la /etc/localtime   
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  27 Jan 26 09:57 /etc/localtime ->

It is just a symlink so relink it.

-Nick Golder

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