Mini-CDs (was: [lug] XFS filesystem core code goes into AC series)

Bear Giles bgiles at
Wed May 7 18:14:24 MDT 2003

The Matt wrote:
> [1]  I've been searching for a mini CD-RW in affordable packs for my
> boot CDs.  I can only find 10-packs, without jewel cases.  If anyone
> knows a good place to find mini CD-RWs in cases, singly or say 3-5 a
> pack, let me know.

I've seen Imation 5-packs at Office Depot or Max or whatever - the 
specific store was the one just across the street from the Twin 
Peaks Mall.

They're a bit pricey, though.  As I recall the box was close to a 
buck per disk & case, vs. prices around 25c for a brand name disc 
and paper sleeve in the regular size.

As an aside, I think they're overrated as rescue discs.  I've been 
playing with package-aware system backups and they usually require 
about 300 MB for a bootable image that runs entirely in memory 
plus all of the packages installed on my system.  I'm firmly in 
the camp that says you don't back up system software, you 
reinstall it.


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