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Paul Nowosielski paul at danamusic.com
Thu May 8 02:52:40 MDT 2003

Hello All,

 I'm trying to build qmail/tcpd  for a mail server and I keep getting
the build error:

 undefined reference to `errno' in qmail and tcpd.

I'm using Mandrake 9.1 .

I added ------> include error.h 
to the header of the .c file giving the error with the same results.
I've done some googleing and it seems others have had the same problem
with other distro's when installing qmail. But then why would it crop up
in tcpd(same error)?? 

I'm *almost* certain I have the appropriate libraries.
I built hdparm with not a wink of problem.

The weird thing is I've installed qmail and tcpd many times on Mandrake
with no problems and I get the same errors with ucspi-tcp .

so a couple questions:
How can I add the include error.h line to all the appropriate files? (
.c and .h ??)
I know how to append a script >>
but not how to add to the beginning of one. ( cat *.c >> please help! )

2nd: Should I try another distro and see if I get better results? I use
mandrake because its what I've used it forever and I feel an obligation
to use the product which is very very good for the most part but I also
notice a lot of enthusiasts 
who smirk at Mandrake as a beginners distro.....when in reality I think
of it as a distro that is bringing Linux to the desktop and is still a
great server platform...

I'm thinking slackware because it seems to not get that much attention
and it has a cool name. But really I'd rather not re-install anything.

Any of your suggestions to solve this would be most appreciated!

Paul Nowosielski <paul at danamusic.com>

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