[lug] Dumb Wireless Networking Questions

Ryan Kirkpatrick linux at rkirkpat.net
Thu May 8 06:55:48 MDT 2003

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Jeff wrote:

> I've been considering getting one of these for some time.  However I
> have a few questions:
> 1. Can I disable the DHCP/firewall functions in the device?  I have a
> linux firewall/NAT/DHCP server that I would prefer to use.  Is is
> possible to just use the device as a WAP/router and have the linux box
> be the rest?  Basically, the device is passive.

	Yes, this is how I am using the device. Just plug a network cable
to your local network into one of the LAN ports, and leave the WAN port
unconnected. Then the device will just bridge between the LAN and the
wireless interface. 
	I have a seperate Linux firewall as well to handle the NATing
between the internal network and the Internet. In my case, I dropped
another NIC into the firewall and connected the LinkSys WAP directly to
that. The result is that it isolates the WAP from both the Internet and
the LAN. I just use the same VPN client (vtun) to access the LAN via the
WAP as I do coming from the Internet. Works quite well.

> 2. Is there really any difference between one with a printer server and
> the rest?  I would like to get laser printer in the future and have it
> connected to the device via copper or wireless.  Would it be easier to
> just get one with a built in print server or just the router and have
> the linux box serve the printing functions?

	My personal preference would be to get an HP JetDirect EX+ print
server (eBay for <$60). These are nice, standalone print servers that have
a parallel port and ethernet port. With recent firmware they can get their
IP via DHCP, and are configurable with TFTP. Just configure your Linux box
(and any other machines) to print to this device (using LPR or direct
print to port 9100), and you are set to go. In my case, the WAP, firewall,
and printer are a very long distance from each other, so having them tied
only by ethernet is very convient.

	Have fun! TTYL.

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