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Check the QMail faq... there's a problem involving errno that started 
showing up in RedHat 9, for which a qmail patch is available. Mandrake 
9.1 may be having the same problem.  It's something to do with a system 
library change.

On Thursday 08 May 2003 02:52 am, Paul Nowosielski wrote:
> Hello All,
>  I'm trying to build qmail/tcpd  for a mail server and I keep getting
> the build error:
>  undefined reference to `errno' in qmail and tcpd.
> I'm using Mandrake 9.1 .
> I added ------> include error.h 
> to the header of the .c file giving the error with the same results.
> I've done some googleing and it seems others have had the same problem
> with other distro's when installing qmail. But then why would it crop 
> in tcpd(same error)?? 
> I'm *almost* certain I have the appropriate libraries.
> I built hdparm with not a wink of problem.
> The weird thing is I've installed qmail and tcpd many times on 
> with no problems and I get the same errors with ucspi-tcp .
> so a couple questions:
> How can I add the include error.h line to all the appropriate files? (
> ..c and .h ??)
> I know how to append a script >>
> but not how to add to the beginning of one. ( cat *.c >> please help! 
> 2nd: Should I try another distro and see if I get better results? I 
> mandrake because its what I've used it forever and I feel an 
> to use the product which is very very good for the most part but I 
> notice a lot of enthusiasts 
> who smirk at Mandrake as a beginners distro.....when in reality I 
> of it as a distro that is bringing Linux to the desktop and is still a
> great server platform...
> I'm thinking slackware because it seems to not get that much attention
> and it has a cool name. But really I'd rather not re-install anything.
> Any of your suggestions to solve this would be most appreciated!
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