[lug] Suspend mode on laptops

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Fri May 9 02:36:45 MDT 2003

Sorry if i reply to the reply but the original post was in
a format unreadable to my mail reader ....

On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 06:14:23PM -0700, Jeffrey Siegal wrote:
> William Petty wrote:
> >  I really like to use the suspend mode on my laptop between uses. but...
> >
> >On my Toshiba Tecra 8100 suspend mode seemed to work flawlessly
> >for several weeks, but when I did a shutdown and reboot, I found that the
> >file system (EXT2) was corrupted beyond repair.  This happened twice
> >so I stopped using it.  I now have a dell Latitude 840 and am afraid to try
> >it for fear of losing my entire install again.
> >
> >What are your experiences and suggestions?  Should I use hibernate
> >instead?

Hmmm, it allmost sounds like your laptop did a suspend-to-disk on
a disk which doesn't have a reserved area for this. In the worst
case the  RAM image that gets written to the disk will overwrite
partition data.

> Not necessarily going to solve the problem completely, but I'd suggest 
> syncing the file system before every suspend.  If you use apmd, you can 
> probably automate this.  You could also consider ext3.  It is a bit 
> harder on the batteries due to the 5-second commit time, but still not 
> too bad if you mount with noatime.

Yes, but ext3 won't help much with a completely corrupted file system,

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