[lug] OT: M$

jd lug at taproot.bz
Mon May 26 00:06:54 MDT 2003

  Just wanted to make some ruquest and rant a little.

PLEASE PLEASE never buy a M$ XBox!!

PLEASE PLEASE dont use M$ IDE's or .NET

PLEASE dont use anything from MS....whats that you say...my games...my
this .... my that... no...nothing is so important that its ok to support
M$...and it kills me that the people who work there are Employies before
they are Human beings capable of seeing the downfalls of a
monoply...espically when M$ will stop at nothing....and I mean nothing
to keep ther seat. And thats not even good enuff....now they
got to get into to console games. I see the word MicroSoft
enugh...please dont help those swine gain a foot hold anywhere else!

M$ is evil, dont become complaicent...fight the good fight and
set a example to all those you know. This is very important!

Dont give up.

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