[lug] partitioning a build machine

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Tue May 27 13:08:32 MDT 2003

I'm putting together a machine to do builds using various distributions
of Linux.  I've got two 30G drives and a 10G drive.  My plan is to
install the core components and sw dev tools inside a 10G partition for
each Linux distribution, which means I can have (roughly) 7
distributions to build on.  Swap will take up a small part of one of the
partitions and be shared by each distribution.

I haven't done this in forever, so my question is:  can I install each
distribution in a 10G partition like this and just create boot diskettes
for each?  Right now I'm installed RH 9.x (via KRUD) and using Disk
Druid to partition.  I've made each other 10G partition a mount point
for this RH9.x install, naming each mount point by its distribution
name.  I did this primarily to format the disks during this install - I
don't intend on touching them when I do installs of the other

Is this a good way of doing this?  Should I leave the other partitions
alone when I do my install of the other distributions (just specifying
which is to be the root mount point)?  Can the boot diskettes know which
partition to use as their root and which ones to leave alone?  Can they
use a root partition that isn't on the first drive?

I think the answer to all this is "yes, this works fine," but I thought
I'd get some comments from others who have put together similar
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