[lug] OT: M$

Nick Golder purenrg at hiveportal.net
Wed May 28 16:08:27 MDT 2003

On 03-05-26 00:06 -0600, jd wrote:
> Hello,
>   Just wanted to make some ruquest and rant a little.
> PLEASE PLEASE never buy a M$ XBox!!

What!?!  And pass up the oppurtunity to pick up a Celeron 733MHz, 10GB HD,
64MB RAM and a great video subsystem with DVD that can run GNU/Linux?
All while sticking it to the corporate monster that is losing money on
/ACTUAL/ console sales hoping to recover costs on games licensing?  No,
no, no!  Buy this little system and hack it!  Preserve your freedom to
tinker!  Heck, grab a couple of these little systems and build a low
cost GNU/Linux cluter. ;-)  Do all this while sticking it, in a small
fashion as it may be, to the corporate machine that some have grown to
love to hate.  And all this for $179!

And to steer this even closer to being on topic, the Linux Journal will
be featuring an article next month (July's issue) on how to make your
Xbox a nice little GNU/Linux system.

An some links for your viewing pleasure:

Out of interest, have any list locals attempted this, yet?  I had an
oppurtunuty to see one in action at the end of last year during a user's
group meeting in IA.  I have to admit, it does perform nicely.  After
all, once GNU/Linux is loaded, the only thing left that is Microsoft is
the logo. ;-)

-Nick Golder

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