[lug] Linux PDA with Bluetooth?

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu May 29 21:32:40 MDT 2003

John Starkey said:
> Peter Hutnick wrote:
>>- Verizon might sell me a bluetooth phone in six months if I am really
>> good and eat all of my vegetables.  Maybe.  I'm on verizon now, and I
>> am very happy with their service.  Their deal for data seems to be "all
>> the data you can eat, at ~modem speed, and we just charge you minutes."
> Last I heard, Express Network should be available by mid-summer at the
> latest. That's supposed to be 144k up and down IIRC.

144k vs 56k (vs 28k) doesn't make me a huge difference.

In any case, a meg a second won't sound too hot if I have to run a serial
cable to the PDA.

But thanks for the info ;-)


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