[lug] CU-boulder install-fest

Nick Golder purenrg at hiveportal.net
Mon Jun 9 22:41:28 MDT 2003

This may be the on the verge of being off-topic but does CU have any
involvement in GNU/Linux in any capacity?  I have a friend that follows
university's involvement in GNU/Linux integration.  It is amazing how
many are catching on.  Also interesting to see those that have a
stonghold from the evil empire and won't even consider Linux.

Coming from a university that fostered interest in a Linux program, it
is hard to imagine anything different.

Hearing about CU's policies and such, it makes me appreciate my days at
IA... even though it may be in the middle of a corn field. ;-)  Wasn't
more than 7 months ago that our group grabbed a room (for free), hooked
up a VCR (free for students from student services) to an overhead ($20
for the day from 8am to 6pm) watching movies while doing installs over
the network (for free) utilizing a group ran mirror with hard drives
donated for mirroring from Academic Information Technology.  Probably
helped that the majority of the staff at AIT knew a good OS when they
saw one.

Oh, and did I mention the office space in the Memorial Union that was
free to Student Groups?  And yes, they came with ethernet...

-Nick Golder

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