[lug] Self-certifying File System

Nick Golder purenrg at hiveportal.net
Mon Jun 9 22:50:40 MDT 2003

I have done some extensive testing with some network file systems and
have so far been a little disappointed.  NFS is fast but the security is
lacking over an untrusted network.  OpenAFS is secure but is heavier
than a brick.  The load seems to climb exponentially as more users
connect.  Coda suffers from a bit of both worlds.  This brings me to
the Self-certifying File System.  My results, so far, have been
outstanding.  It is fairly fresh and hasn't broken the 1.0 barrier yet
but seems to be promising.  Has anyone done any work with this yet?  I
like the fact that I can still run automounts from my LDAP server.  PAM
support is even impressive.

I would be interested to know what others thought or if they have a
network file system that they would like to pay a little homage to.
Here is their web-presence:

Another fine package from MIT.

-Nick Golder

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