[lug] June 12, 2003 - Boulder Linux Users Group Meeting

Chris Riddoch Christopher.Riddoch at colorado.edu
Tue Jun 10 15:21:42 MDT 2003

                  Linux User's Group Meeting

Where:    University of Colorado Boulder Campus
          Fleming Law - Room 102, on the south side of the lounge.

          (If you want to arrive early, join us at the Dark Horse for a
          bite to eat around 5:30 P.M.)

Map:      http://www.colorado.edu/directories/webmap/
          We'll be in building 28 - the bottom right corner of the map.
          See below for driving directions

Time:     7:00 P.M.

Date:     June 12, 2003

Main Speaker: Jon Corbet <corbet at lwn.net>

Presentation: Porting drivers to the 2.5 kernels

Abstract: Jon Corbet, managing editor of Linux Weekly News (lwn.net),
          has written a series of articles about the major interface
          and design changes that have been made by kernel developers
          working on the 2.5.x kernel series.  This should be of
          interest to anyone who would like to know about how the
          Linux kernel works and what's coming down the pipe for the
          upcoming stable kernels.
          This is a preview of a talk Corbet will give at OLS (the
          Ottawa Linux Symposium) next month.

Driving directions (from the Dark Horse):

         * Go west on Baseline and turn right on Broadway.
         * Turn right on Regent Drive.
         * Take the first right that is not a parking lot. This is
           before you get to the pedestrian crosswalk and the
         * Go straight until you get to the parking lot. Parking is
           free after 5:00.  Tennis courts will be to the east.
           You'll be very close to the intersection of Baseline and
         * The building will be directly to the north, enter through
           the door on the left.
         * We're in one of the classrooms connected to the lounge.
           Look for the penguin sign outside the door.

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