[lug] Qwest DSL modem

Kirk Rafferty kirk at fpcc.net
Mon Jun 23 09:46:50 MDT 2003

On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 05:41:25PM -0600, Ben Luey wrote:
> I'm going to get DSL from Qwest and they want to charge me $5/month to
> rent a DSL modem (ActionTec 1520). They claim that only this modem (and
> two intel internal models) work with their dsl service. Is this true? Can
> I buy a (any?) dsl modem and save the $5/month? If so, any recommendations
> on modems to get (ideally something with two ethernet ports, so I don't
> need to buy a hub also)?

Getting QWest to let you use a different modem is hit and miss.  We've
had two customers that had luck getting QWest to let them use a 678, and
at least one other customer that couldn't get QWest to budge on his 678.

I will say that I think you're better off going with the ActionTec 1520.
Last time I checked Ebay, you could get a 678 for about $200.  For
$5.00/month, it would take you 40 months (3 years, 4 months) to pay $200.
In that time, the ActionTec is fully covered if it fails, your 678 is not.
Also, the ActionTec 1520 is by far much easier to configure.  That may not
be an issue for you, but I consider myself a techie, and I really have no
desire to screw around with my DSL modem.  I'd rather just get it running
and forget that it's there.

Also keep in mind that anytime you have a problem with your DSL line, QWest
may take every opportunity to blame your non-standard modem.  I mean, hey,
it's Qwest.  It's what they do. :)

If you do use a different modem, go with the 678 though.  It works well,
and you'll have zero luck convincing QWest to let you go with anything else.
But before you lay money down for a 678, remember that QWest may not even
let you attach it.

Hope that helps!


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