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Gregory Haggquist gwh at traptek.com
Mon Jun 23 09:56:56 MDT 2003

I have two lines with QWest, one for my business and one for home. I use
both the Cisco 678 and the ActionTec 1520. Both work fine even with a static
IP and port forwarding. The Cisco 678 requires you to use telnet and a
command line interface while the ActionTec can be connected using a web
browser. The ActionTec has to be restarted every so often, but the Cisco
once it is configured it has not required a restart. With the Cisco 678 you
will need an hub to get the extra computer connections.

I talked to QWest this past week and they are running a promotion giving you
the modem free for one year with the second and third year at $5/month.
After the third year the modem is yours to keep. I have found QWest has
change over the last year trying to make things better, but they still have
a long way to go. If I were to set up another line I would take their deal
on the free use of the ActionTec for a year.

Gregory Haggquist
gwh at traptek.com

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> On Sat, Jun 21, 2003 at 05:41:25PM -0600, Ben Luey wrote:
> > I'm going to get DSL from Qwest and they want to charge me $5/month to
> > rent a DSL modem (ActionTec 1520). They claim that only this modem (and
> > two intel internal models) work with their dsl service. Is this
> true? Can
> > I buy a (any?) dsl modem and save the $5/month? If so, any
> recommendations
> > on modems to get (ideally something with two ethernet ports, so I don't
> > need to buy a hub also)?
> Getting QWest to let you use a different modem is hit and miss.  We've
> had two customers that had luck getting QWest to let them use a 678, and
> at least one other customer that couldn't get QWest to budge on his 678.
> I will say that I think you're better off going with the ActionTec 1520.
> Last time I checked Ebay, you could get a 678 for about $200.  For
> $5.00/month, it would take you 40 months (3 years, 4 months) to pay $200.
> In that time, the ActionTec is fully covered if it fails, your 678 is not.
> Also, the ActionTec 1520 is by far much easier to configure.  That may not
> be an issue for you, but I consider myself a techie, and I really have no
> desire to screw around with my DSL modem.  I'd rather just get it running
> and forget that it's there.
> Also keep in mind that anytime you have a problem with your DSL
> line, QWest
> may take every opportunity to blame your non-standard modem.  I mean, hey,
> it's Qwest.  It's what they do. :)
> If you do use a different modem, go with the 678 though.  It works well,
> and you'll have zero luck convincing QWest to let you go with
> anything else.
> But before you lay money down for a 678, remember that QWest may not even
> let you attach it.
> Hope that helps!
> -k
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