[lug] Qwest DSL modem

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 23 13:47:05 MDT 2003

For what its worth I have the Actiontec 1520 and it has worked
flawlessly for about three months now.  So far I have not been charged a
rental fee.  I thought it was an oversight, but a later noticed they are
giving a one year free rental.  That wasn't in place when I subscribed,
or at least it wasn't when you DIDN'T use MSN for your ISP.  

I've been looking at the Best Buy ad that has the Comcast High Speed
offer.  Free modem after rebate and $20/month for six months.  It seems
very tempting especially since the speed is twice what what I have with
DSL and $10+ less a month AFTER it reverts to the standard rate.  There
are some benefits to my Qwest DSL paired with non-MSN ISP, but I'm not
sure it is worth it for my use.  Especially when you consider it is
considerably more expensive and slower.  Inertia more than anything has
probably kept me from going to Best Buy and signing up.  I'm wondering
if Qwest will forgo the modem rental altogether in an effort to compete
with Comcast on price.

Oh, you might want to check with Earthlink for DSL services too.  The
Earthlink service is now available at my house.  It is the same price as
Qwest w/MSN but twice as fast.  1.5 down vrs 640 (If you have the Qwest
deluxe service).  Earthlink upstream, however, is 128 while the Qwest
deluxe is 256.  Free modem with Earthlink too.  A static IP with
Earthlink is $15 extra month.


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