[lug] Qwest DSL modem

Jeff feenix at ticnet.com
Mon Jun 23 19:57:52 MDT 2003

Ben Luey wrote:
> I'm going to get DSL from Qwest and they want to charge me $5/month to
> rent a DSL modem (ActionTec 1520). They claim that only this modem (and
> two intel internal models) work with their dsl service. Is this true? Can
> I buy a (any?) dsl modem and save the $5/month? If so, any recommendations
> on modems to get (ideally something with two ethernet ports, so I don't
> need to buy a hub also)?
> Thanks,
> Ben
> Ben Luey
> lueyb at jilau1.colorado.edu
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FWIW, I havea SpeadStream 5260 ADSL modem that I used with when I was a
DSL sub for SWB (in Dallas).  I had no problems.  It's not configurable
and has 1 button; on/off.  It works with DHCP- I have no idea what
technology US West uses.  I use comcast. I'd be willing to part with it
for little money.  If you're interested, contact me offline.


jeff at stonecold dot homelinux dot net

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