[lug] default paper size in gedit

bof bof at pcisys.net
Mon Jun 23 21:13:21 MDT 2003

hugh at math.byu.edu wrote:

>Is there a nice way (i.e. not recompiling) to set the default paper size
>for gedit to US letter instead of A4?
>This is for a stock install of a redhat 8 machine.

The gedit under RH 7.3 has a tab under Settings ->Preferences -> Paper 
that allows paper size selection.

Under it is a bar that for setting the system paper size. When I move my 
mouse over it, there pop ups the following:

    Set the paper size to the value found in $PAPERCONF.If this value 
isn't set, look into the file specified by $PAPERSIZE. If this fails, 
too, look into the default file /etc/paperconf else fall back to the 
built-in value.

However, I have found that after I set the papersize to US letter that 
it did not change thereafter.


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