[lug] default paper size in gedit

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Mon Jun 23 21:52:18 MDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-23 at 23:13, bof wrote:
> hugh at math.byu.edu wrote:
> >Is there a nice way (i.e. not recompiling) to set the default paper size
> >for gedit to US letter instead of A4?
> >
> >This is for a stock install of a redhat 8 machine.
> >
> The gedit under RH 7.3 has a tab under Settings ->Preferences -> Paper 
> that allows paper size selection.
> Under it is a bar that for setting the system paper size. When I move my 
> mouse over it, there pop ups the following:
>     Set the paper size to the value found in $PAPERCONF.If this value 
> isn't set, look into the file specified by $PAPERSIZE. If this fails, 
> too, look into the default file /etc/paperconf else fall back to the 
> built-in value.
> However, I have found that after I set the papersize to US letter that 
> it did not change thereafter.

That menu/tab is gone from the gedit that ships with redhat 8 and 9.

I did notice that gedit remembers after I set it once (in
.gnome2/gedit-print-config).  I just have a few users that can't stomach
emacs or vi and opt for gedit for their text editing needs and always
end up needing some help with the printing.

What are appropriate values for $PAPERCONF and $PAPERSIZE and which apps
respect them (I'm going googling shortly to see if I can find my own


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