[lug] Qwest DSL modem

Tony Dyson anorak at comcast.net
Tue Jun 24 07:29:57 MDT 2003

Slightly OT, the Comcast tech who came to hook-up my system @ 3 months ago was 
very suspicious about my Netgear CG814M "all-in-one" box & had to spend a half 
hour confirming that it really is an approved device. AFAIR it is the only 
inexpensive modem+router+switch on their approved list. I checked a couple of 
weeks ago, wondering if it's inclusion had been an error, but it was still on 
the list.

The Netgear and a couple of Orinoco Gold cards have made a nice, versatile home 
network. I've had no problems yet with any of the pieces, but a question to 
Netgear's support has still not been answered after a month. The worst 
irritation so far has been Comcast's DNS servers, which have recently been 
flaking out daily. It seems I can't run my own, as queries don't get out to the 
root servers (or any others) :-(

Gary Hodges wrote:
> I've been looking at the Best Buy ad that has the Comcast High Speed
> offer.  Free modem after rebate and $20/month for six months.  It seems
> very tempting especially since the speed is twice what what I have with
> DSL and $10+ less a month AFTER it reverts to the standard rate.  There
> are some benefits to my Qwest DSL paired with non-MSN ISP, but I'm not
> sure it is worth it for my use.  Especially when you consider it is
> considerably more expensive and slower.  Inertia more than anything has
> probably kept me from going to Best Buy and signing up.  I'm wondering
> if Qwest will forgo the modem rental altogether in an effort to compete
> with Comcast on price.

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