[lug] RAID 5 to RAID 1

Paul Nowosielski Paul at danamusic.com
Tue Jun 24 08:02:35 MDT 2003

Ok I've got this little problem solved...

I set up another box with the raid 1 array and a minimal install. Copied
/etc/raidtab to /etc/raidtab.ORG. UN-tarred the backup archive and
moved  the raidtab.ORG to the un-tarred /etc/raidtab and rebooted.
Everything is working perfectly and I'm getting an average of about 53
MB per second data flow.Not to shabby for ATA-100 drives.

Oh yes its software raid, I'm into low-cost servers for web hosting/mail

An ATA-100 controller is $20 dollars.Software raid is free. And you can
pick up a Dell 600sc 2.4 GHZ for about $450 with ample cooling and an 80
gig drive , 64-bit slots, gig NIC. etc etc... 
SO buy another drive and a 512MB ram stick and you've got one hell of a
power station. 

 Now the only questing is what to do with the old box :)

 Thanks for your help Bill and all others!


On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 11:03, Bill Jorgensen wrote:
> On 23 Jun 2003, Paul Nowosielski wrote:
> > The raid 5 array was setup with 3 80gig drives.
> > I wanted 2 mirrored and 1 stripping drive but set up raid 5 thinking
> > this was what I wanted.  There is only about 5 gigs used for the whole FS.
> Generally, by its nature, RAID 5 needs at least four disks. If you are
> using three my gut would tell me that is a RAID 3 config. Veritas 2.x
> called their RAID 3 RAID 5, but it was RAID 3. Is your RAID
> software-based or hardware-based? In other words, what manages the RAID?
> The controller on the array or the software?
> > This server is been in ~test~ production. I have  qmail, tinyDNS imapd,
> > vpop,tripwire, etc etc installed and working perfectly/ well tested.
> You won't as long as you have your ducks in a row in terms of either
> backups or procedure (or both!!).
> > So I really don't want to loose the great install setup I have.
> > But, I don't want to run drives that are not mirrored either..
> Mirroring is good. Saves the bacon repeatedly.
> > So I'm tarring it all now, I think after un-tarring to a new and
> > identical server I should be able to adjust /etc/raid tab for the
> > changes and reboot.
> This is where I am a bit confused. My area of expertise is within Solaris.
> I work a "little" within Linux. If you set up your disk as RAID 1 for 
> the volume when you lay out the data it lay down as volume was built.
> > Does this sound logical??
> Sounds good.
> Good luck,
> Bill

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